Our Team

Woodley St Clinic – Podiatry provides a warm, welcoming environment offering care and relief for patients with painful & problematic feet. Our team of highly trained Chiropodists, Podiatrists and Foot Specialists have a wealth of experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot conditions, including Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis and Verrucae.

Clinical Partners & Associates

Mr Krishan K Joshi


Mr Krishan Joshi is a Clinical Director, Specialist Foot Practitioner with expertise in Cryotherapy, & Low-Level Laser Therapy as well as being a Senior Chartered Health Advisor with the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health, having gained experience with Private Hospitals, Corporate Companies and Private Clients for 10 years before turning his hand to the business of Podiatry Footcare. Having established and grown a Podiatry/Foot Clinic in Reading, Berkshire to the go-to place for footcare, they looking to expand further into Berkshire into Woodley.

He has over 20years’ experience in healthcare and footcare and is always looking out for the next new thing in Foot Health! Krishan has 2 boys with Rupali which keep them on their toes 24/7, he is a keen traveller and once scaled Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka unassisted!

Mrs Rupali Joshi

BSc (Hons) Pod MChS MCPod HCPC Reg

Our Clinical Director & Senior Podiatrist, Mrs Rupali Joshi has a number of years of experience working in NHS & Private establishments and is a member of the College of Podiatry as well as the Health & Care Professions Council. She qualified in Podiatric Medicine from the University College London at the London Foot Hospital.

She has over 20 years’ experience as a Podiatrist and is established herself as the go-to Podiatrist in Reading, Berkshire. Having jointly run Castle Hill Chiropody & Foot Health Clinic in Reading, Berkshire for over 20 years this husband-and-wife duo are looking to expand further into Berkshire into Woodley. Rupali has a passion for music and is a keen singer. She loves travelling with Krishan and her 2 boys and watching them play football every week!

Physiotherapist at Woodley St Podiatry

Nail care at Woodley St Podiatry, Reading

Rhea Bailey-Ross

Senior Physiotherapist & Clinical Foot Health Practitioner


Rhea is a Senior Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist with a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy. Rhea is a member of the HCPC, MCSP and MAACP. Rhea has recently completed a course in Diploma in Foot Health and is now a registered Foot Health Practitioner and taking on Foot Health Patients.

Prior to joining us, she gained a wealth of experience within Private and NHS establishments.

She has worked within multiple sports environments including Colchester United working with the Youth Teams, the 2012 Olympics and the London Marathon 2014/15.

Rhea is empathetic, encouraging and supportive of your goals and likes to treat the whole client rather than just the niggle in your back. She believes in empowering her patients to succeed rather than allowing them to write themselves off and has a wealth of experience of personal injury and more importantly, recovery!

Rhea has a great passion for well-being and fitness and specialises in musculoskeletal conditions. She loves biomechanics and therefore has a special interest in shoulders, knees and feet and particularly enjoys rehabilitating them. She also has a keen interest in sports injuries and the rehabilitation of any injury that is preventing them from their chosen activity.

Rhea also has a clinical yoga qualification which adds amazing benefits to rehab programmes. Empowering clients through physiotherapy and coaching the mindset is something Rhea is passionate about.

Rhea will be working Tuesdays & Thursdays at Woodley St Clinic.

When not working, Rhea can be found in the hot pod (yoga), climbing centre or the gym trying to do handstands.

Wendy Sargent

Clinical Receptionist

Hi I am Wendy, I joined Woodley St Clinic in January 2023. I started off as a patient with a painful toe and ended up joining!

I work as part of the Clinical Reception Team, greeting patients, taking calls and arranging appointments and also advising where suitable. I love being able to help people and maybe even brighten their day a little. This is a new start for me as I have worked in catering for many years, but this has given me the invaluable skill of multitasking.

The whole team and all the patients have been fantastic and made me feel so welcome in this new role. I love being able to help patients & have been inspired since looking at my feet in a different way so I am currently training as a Foot Health Practitioner with a view of continuing at the clinic in dual roles.

When not working I love to just chill out with friends and have a chat over coffee, watch something funny and you can’t beat a cosy night in.

Wendy Sargent
Wendy Sargent

Heather Carr

Senior Clinical Receptionist

Hi, my name is Heather, I joined Woodley St Clinic in March 2023 having previously worked with Krishan & Rupali for 14 years at the previous practice.

I work as part of the Clinical Reception Team, greeting patients, taking calls and arranging appointments and managing diaries for all the practitioners.

Having worked in the Dental & Podiatry Field for many years I have been able to transfer my experience to Woodley St Clinic and its been lovely seeing all our old patients come to the new clinic.

The whole team and all the patients have been amazing and the existing patients love a familiar face!

When I am not working I love spending time with my grandchildren and my family and a good holiday or two!